Ballet Jazz of Montreal

Ballet Jazz of Montreal

Tuesday, February 6th @ 7PM

Lyndon Institute Alumni Auditorium | Lyndon Center, VT

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An internationally renowned repertory company, Ballet Jazz of Montreal (BJM) continues to grow with all the energy and spirit of exploration for which it has been known since its birth in 1972. Part ballet, part modern, part street dance, BJM defies categories with its delicious blend of hip, funky moves infused with infectious energy, humor and imagination.

Ballet Jazz is a diverse international troupe. The dancers have strong classical training, with classical vocabulary and aesthetics. But they mix everything, all disciplines, to the ballet language: modern, jazz, street dance, hip-hop, African dance. Everything is fluid, depending on the personal idea and the vocabulary of each individual choreographer. It brings new style to their work, but with reference — clear reference — to the ballet world.

Since Louis Robitaille was nominated Artistic Director in 1998, BJM is now, more than ever, in tune with the times. While preserving the essence of the company, BJM works today with some of the most prestigious figures in the world of dance and contemporary ballet.

Allowing the full expression of each dancer’s identity is crucial to BJM’s distinctive style. These high level, eclectic artists perfectly represent the company’s spirit. Thanks to their unique personalities and the quality of their performances, they captivate audiences and critics across the world.