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Folk, Bluegrass, Gospel, Roots, and Blues collide on Sunday morning with hosts Todd Tyson and Mark Michaelis. Crossroads is a long-standing tradition with a huge following on The Point, and with more than 50 years of combined experience in presenting folk/americana music, Todd & Mark bring a wealth of musical knowledge and enthusiasm to Crossroads' listeners every Sunday morning. Sundays just wouldn't be the same without Crossroads. Email Todd and Mark at

Crossroads - 1/7/18 Host: Todd Tyson, with a guest appearance by Mark Michaelis in the 8 o'clock hour!

Artist - Song - Album

HOT TUNA/Water Song/Burgers/RCA  (opening theme)


AMBER RUBARTH/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/American Folk/American Folk

BLUEGRASS GOSPEL PROJECT/Let Me Rest at the End of My Journey/Silent Ground/Sugar Hill

RICHIE AND ROSIE/Glory in the Meeting House/Nowhere in Time/Richie Stears and and Rosie Newton

JIM LAUDERDALE & RALPH STANLEY/I feel Like Singing Today/I Feel Like Singing Today/Rebel


...All New...

APPLEWOOD ROAD/Home Fires/Applewood Road/Gearbox

JAMIE GAGE/The Water is Rising/Earth Turns/Thunder Ridge

TOMMY EMMANUEL/The Duke's Message/cgp/Thirty Tigers

ERIC GERBER TRIO/Mama Lou/Eric Gerber Three/Eric Gerber Three/Scruffy Dog

BRADFORD BOG PEOPLE/Squirrel Heads and Gravy/People of the Bog/BBP

ABBIE GARDNER/Bad leaver/Wishes on a Neon Sign/Gimmie Some Ribs

DUBLIN GULCH/Dispute at the Crossroads, Maids of Mount Cisco, The Scholar/Tap 'er Light/Soul Tree


...7AM Sunday Shadow...

SAM AMIDON/Walkin' Boss/Lily-O/Nettwerk

JERRY GARCIA & DAVID GRISMAN/Walkin' Boss/Jerry Garcia & David Grisman/Acoustic Disc

ELLY WININGER/Little Red Wagon/Little Red Wagon/Rabbit hole

ELIZABETH ERIN KEMLER/Fated to Be Mine/The Weight of Mortal Skin/EEK


DAVID BROMBERG Quartet/When I Was a Cowboy/Live New York City 1982/Appleseed

HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN/Along the Navajo Trail, FaDED lOVE/What Makes Bob Holler/Proper American

OLD & IN THE WAY/Land of the Navajo/Live at the Boarding house/Acoustic Disc

SONS OF THE PIONEERS/Cowboy Camp Meeting/The Last Round Up

WOODY GUTHRIE/Jesse James/This Land is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1/Smithsonian Folkways


....Best of 2017 with Mark Michaelis, co-host of Crossroads on the Point...

THE EARLY MAYS/Adieu False Heart/Chase the Sun/The Early Mays

TIM GRIMM/Gonna Be Great/A Stranger in this Time/Vault

KRIS DELMHORST/Color pf the Sky

JOHN MCCUTCHEON/Y'all Means All/True in Time

OLD SALT UNION/Flatt Baroque/Old Salt Union/Old Salt Union/Compass

MIPSO/Coming Down the Mountain/Coming Down the Mountain/Mipso

TOM PETERSON/Global Warming/Black Hills Gold/Moon House


GUY DAVIS/Sonny and Brownie's Last train/Sonny and Brownie's Last Train/MC Records

AMBER CROSS/Lone Freighter's Wail/Savage on the Downhill/2 Red Doors

PETE'S POSSE/Burnin' Shivers/The Conversation/Epact

Dori Freeman/jUST sAY iT nOW/Letters Never Read


....FolkOnomics 101...

EILEN JEWELL/Rich Man's World/Letters to Sinners and Strangers

JORMA KAUKONEN/Brother Can You Spare a Dime/Ain't No Hurry/Red House

JESSE WINCHESTER/Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt/Learn to Love

THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS/Old Age Pension Check/Songs from the Depression

BALKAN BEAT BOX/Enemy on Economy/Give

GEOFF BARTLEY/The Trickle Down Theory/Uncle Wiggly's Bicycle Ride

EMERALD SUSPENSION/Stock Options/Playing the Market

STOCK MARKET INVESTING ADVICE/How the Stock Market Works/Beginner's Guide to Stock Investing

ROGER " HURRICANE" WILSON/Up and Down Stock Market Blues/Up and Down Stock Market Blues

DICK GAUGHAN/The World Turned Upside Down/Handful of Earth

RUTHIE FOSTER/Working Woman/Joy Comes Back/Blue Corn

RAY CHARLES/Greenbacks/The Atlantic Studio Albums in Mono/Atlantic

THE TRAVELIN' MCCOURYS/Cumberland Blues/Cumberland Blues

MERLE TRAVIS/Sixteen Tons/The Merle Travis Story

Gotan Project/El Capitalismo Foraneo/Gotan Project


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Peace Through Music,


Todd Tyson