Jenn Grinels

The Point presents Jenn Grinels

Friday, Oct 3 at 8pm

Tupelo Music Hall - White River Junction, VT

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Things have been increasingly hectic for singer/songwriterJenn Grinels. In the past 5 years she has sold nearly 10,000 albums (with almost 5,000 of those sold in 2012 alone) and played over 500 concerts across almost all 50 states.
Named “2012 Vocalist of the Year” by APCA for the third straight year, and “2012 Performer of the Year” by Campus Activities Magazine, Grinels is notorious for her impressive songwriting ability, incredible stage performance and unmistakable vocal abilities.

Having settled in New York City in early 2012, Grinels does not spend much time at her new address. Still on the road, she continues touring the country, writing songs and perfecting her craft. Everywhere she goes there seems to be an ever-growing audience embracing her musical abilities. says, “Her voice is just absurd. Two artists kept coming to mind – Martin Sexton and Fiona Apple. Sexton because of her vocal focus & control; Fiona Apple because of her tell-off confessional and conversational lyrics, her penchant for complex rhyme schemes, and her powerful, listen-up-buster delivery.”