Max Creek

The Point presents Max Creek 

Friday, July 25 at 8pm

Tupelo Music Hall - White River Junction, VT

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Max Creek, a regional phenomenon is one of the most electrifying live acts on the Eastern seaboard today. Max Creek brings to the stage a wide variety of musical experience, from the blues to ballads to hard- edged rock n' roll, to early San Francisco era improv. This five man band has a unique style, and their blend of original songs and classic covers has gained them remarkable respect and a large following which continues to grow. To see Max Creek in concert is to fall under their unique spell. A Max Creek concert-- whether in a packed nightclub or outdoor arena-- is an electrifying and magical experience; just ask those who travel hundreds of miles to listen and dance. Blues ballads blend into jazzy barroom piano and a jumping, frenetic energy fueled by the audience. An hour later, there's a full fledged jam at work, combining contemporary and jazz idioms and soaring into free-form flight. Even later, a reggae- tinged stunner will blend right into a folksy blues intro. Each night is different-- you can't predict Max Creek's direction.

Rock, jazz, reggae, folk, bluegrass-- it's all there in a special blend that entices listeners to go back again, and again. Max Creek inspires loyalty, and anyone can get hooked-- quickly. When the Creek magic is in full swing, amazing things happen. The guys in the band call it "reciprocal energy" and there's no better way to describe the bond that develops between performers and audience. This is a Creek specialty, and each night can be described as an incredible journey that band and the audience take together. It's something that makes all the rehearsal, the traveling, and effort that goes into being a musical organization worthwhile. Max Creek has remained a successful band for many years, performing year-round in theaters, outdoor arenas, night clubs, colleges and prep-schools. Continuing to grow and move ahead, they cut a larger and larger musical profile with many promising prospects for the future. But to fully understand Max Creek's magic, you have to experience it yourself. Just ask someone who has.