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What was your last “real” job?

I worked in a bookstore. Not the hipster kind, but the kind where you had to wear an apron and sell really bad fiction.

How do you spend your time outside the station?

Discovering new music online and vinyl newbies and nuggets in record stores, Being a news junkie and a Netflix/Amazon binge-watcher, Snapping photos, Reading fiction.

What was your first concert?

J Geils Band w/my big sister & her friends at The Cape Cod Coliseum

Whats the first album you ever bought?

I remember my dad lifting me up to reach into the bin and out came The Monkees!

What are some of your favorite movies?

Wings of Desire, High Fidelity, Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

What are some of your favorite TV shows, past or present?

Stephen Colbert, Flight of the Conchords, X-Files, Twin Peaks, Monty Python, Lost, Frasier, The Office, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm…

If you had a goofy DJ name what would it be?

Sonic Annamatronic

Whats your favorite YouTube clip?

What’s your favorite time-wasting website?

Well. I’ve front loaded my FB page with news, opinion, arts & entertainment pages that I like, so that means I have way too many ways to waste time 🙂