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Crossroads is where traditional and contemporary Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, and more are all wrapped into one great sounding package. Crossroads is hosted by folk music aficionados Todd Tyson and Mark Michaelis (alternating).

Crossroads – 12/16/18    Host: Mark Michaelis

Artist – Song – Album

John McSherry / The whisperer / The Seven Suns
Norman Blake / The new dawning day / Wood, Wire & Words
Deb Talan / Safe as houses / Rarities
Jim and Lynna Woolsey / Notes from Home / Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone
Sharon Allen / Take My Hand / Along the Way
Robert K. Wolf / The Safest Place I Know / The Safest Place I Know
Eilen Jewell / Green Hills / Sundown Over Ghost Town

Tellico / West of the Cumberlands / Woven Waters
Sister Sadie / Morning Sky / Sister Sadie II
David Mallett / Closer Now Than Ever / Open Doors & Windows
John Hartford / I’m Still Here / Gum Tree Canoe
Willa Mamet & Paul Miller / River / Let Somebody Love You
Kelly’s Lot / Colours of December / Bittersweet

Richard Ruane & Beth Duquette / Old Notch Road / Notch Road
The Roe Family Singers / I’m falling for you / Songs of the Mountains, Songs of the Plains
The Lark and the Loon / Time for Moving On / Homestead Hands

Dar Williams / The Christians and the Pagans / Many Great Companions
Darryl Purpose / Turn, Turn, Turn! / The Gift of the Magi
Tim O’Brien / Turn the page again / Traveler
David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin / Turn turn turn / Songs Around the Kitchen Table
Darryl Purpose / The Christians and the Pagans / The Gift of the Magi

Caitlin Canty / River Alone / Motel Bouquet
Craig Bickhardt / One little light / Home For The Harvest
Mipso / Pay in Full / Edges Run
Tracy Grammer / Hole / Low Tide

Childsplay / Lara’s Jig / The Burning Snowball / Farewell to London / The Bloom Of Youth
Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton / Dead to Me / Been On Your Side
The Honey Dewdrops / Fly Away Free / If The Sun Will Shine
Kathy Kallick Band / Pockets Full of Rain / Horrible World
Tom Russell / Navajo Rug / Old Songs Yet To Sing

Joyce Andersen / Filled with Love / Love & Thirst
Harvey Reid / Off to Adventure / Of Wind and Water
Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage / I Met a Man / Awake

The Ghost of Paul Revere / Andra / Believe
Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys / Roll with me / Southland
Clay Parker and Jodi James / Cumberland Mill / The Lonesomest Sound That Can Sound
Paul Sachs / Beautiful Friend / Full Detroit

Mary Chapin Carpenter / The Longest Night of the Year / Come Darkness, Come Light
Harvey Reid / Let Your Light Shine on Me / Blues & Branches
Patti Casey / Into This Night / The Heart of A Waiting Boy
Herdman, Hills & Mangsen / Voices of winter / Red & Green / Voices Of Winter
Stan Rogers / Song of the Candle / Turnaround
Forest Sun / One candle / Single

Joe Jencks / Flame In the Darkness / The Candle and the Flame
Lui Collins / There’s a light / There’s A Light
Magpie / Give Light / Give Light
Carrie Newcomer / Lean in Toward the Light / The Beautiful Not Yet
Martin Simpson & Jessica Ruby Simpson / Come to Light / Band of Angels

Tim Grimm / The Longest Night / Farm Songs
The Yellow Room Gang / The Coming of the Dawn / Happy New Day

Mustard’s Retreat / Midwinter’s Night / Back to Back