Morrison’s Feed Bag Bird Brain Contest

If you had a bird brain, what would you be doing right now?  Looking for a bird feeder, that’s what!

Morrison’s Feed Bag in St Johnsbury wants to help bird lovers of all ages feed the birds this winter, with Morrison’s Bird Brain Contest!  Send a picture of your favorite local bird to, and you could win a brand new bird feeder and a 20 lb bag of bird food, compliments of Morrison’s Feed Bag!

  • Email your photo, name, phone number and address to
  • Enter between now and the end of January
  • We will notify the randomly selected winner by email

Morrison’s Feed Bag in St Johnsbury is your go-to source for local bird knowledge.  They’ll help you choose the right feeder and food to attract you’d like to see or keep the birds you have.  It’s not rocket surgery, folks, but there is a bit of a science to it.

Brought to you by Morrison’s Feeds and independent radio, The Point!