New Music on the Point – Week of 10/17/22

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Alvvays: “Easy on Your Own?”

The band released their debut album just eight years ago and have since won several Juno Awards for their albums. This new song comes from their third album, “Blue Rev”, just released in October. On this song, lead singer Molly Rankin sings about feeling disaffected and worrying about the future.




Jack Johnson: “Don’t Look Now”

From Jack Johnson’s eighth album “Meet the Moonlight”, his first new album in five years! It’s one of the optimistic and upbeat love songs from the album. It’s a different musical sound for Jack, with the calliope featured prominently. This is the last song they recorded for his new album. For this track, Jack enlisted a new collaborator, Blake Mills. He said he just wanted to sit down and play music with him because he loves playing guitar with people who are imaginative and approach the instrument differently.



Mitski: “Should’ve Been Me”

From the NYC singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album, Laurel Hell. This song is about being cheated on, but also understanding why. Mitski said she wrote this song about becoming more forgiving. She said she just needs to lighten her load and not hold on to so much anger and shame and sadness, and forgiveness is the way to accomplish that.



Mt. Joy: “Evergreen”

The indie rock band born in Philadelphia now based in LA, Mt. Joy, has released another track from their third studio album Orange Blood. Lead singer Matt Quinn says that the song is the shot of tequila on the album. It’s a love song about trusting what you have during times when the world seems to be changing faster that we can keep up. He says it’s hard, but if we stick together, we’ve got all we need to make it to the other side.


The Lumineers: “A.M. Radio”

Here’s another track from the Denver, Colorado duo, found on their latest album Brightside. The band’s singer-guitarist Wesley Schultz says this song is an anthem about the supernatural pull of one’s calling in life. For him and his band mate Jeremiah Fraites, it’s songs. In the case of their latest album, the songs are the most joyous and spontaneous thus far in their career.