New Music You’re Hearing On The Point, January 2024


  • Cage The Elephant, “Neon Pill”: This is their first new album since their GRAMMY award-winning album Social Cues 5 years ago. The explosive new song recounts an inescapable, if at times, tumultuous romance. The stretch of time in between releases included some time on the road, the pandemic, and some legal trouble for frontman Matt Shultz, when he was arrested a year ago for possessing two loaded firearms at a New York hotel.
  • Femke, “Dead End Street”: In a world that often feels like a constant performance, the premise of never hiding who you are is a refreshing and liberating concept. It’s this very essence of self-acceptance and authenticity that singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Femke brings to the fore with her latest single, “Dead End Street.” Found on her new EP Safe in the Suburbs, it’s a song that dances in the realm of pop music with its catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms, yet it’s imbued with a profound message about setting boundaries and finding comfort in solitude.
  • Norah Jones, “Running”: Singer-songwriter and pianist Norah Jones, the daughter of American concert promoter Sue Jones and Indian musician Ravi Shankar is getting ready to release her ninth studio album, Visions on March 8. In 2002, Norah Jones released her debut album Come Away With Me.
  • Stephen Sanchez, “High”: Stephen Sanchez is back with another track from his debut album Angel Face. The song flaunts Sanchez’s fiery high-register, as his voice swoons into a falsetto over a Farfisa-laden groove. Overall, “High” expresses a passionate yearning for someone, where the protagonist is willing to push boundaries and take risks to create an intense emotional connection from The Troubadour Sanchez’s point of view, while capturing the intoxicating and thrilling nature of desire, albeit with hints of uncertainty or ambiguity in the relationship.
  • The Last Dinner Party, “Sinner”: The all-female British indie rock band from London got a lot of attention with their debut song “Nothing Matters” that came out last year. When they started performing they built huge word-of-mouth support for their live shows and were featured as the opening act for big shows, like The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park. That got them a record contract with Island Records. They’re getting ready to release their debut album, Prelude to Ecstasy, this Friday.
  • The Rolling Stones, “Mess It Up”: 7 songs into the vigorous new Stones album, and there it is: the instantly identifiable thwack of Charlie Watts’ snare drum. “Mess It Up” is one of two tracks on Hackney Diamonds, the Stones’ first set of original material in 18 years, for which Charlie laid down his drum parts before he died at age 80 in 2021. The album title refers to broken car windows in a once-rough East London neighborhood. This album takes The Rolling Stones back to their blues rock roots.
  • X Ambassadors, “No Strings”: formed by brothers Sam Nelson Harris and Casey Harris, the release of their anticipated new album, Townie, drops April 5th. The new music follows a move from their Ithaca, New York origins to Brooklyn, an explosive debut album, extensive global touring, huge hits “Unsteady” and “Renegades”, as well as recent work with massive artists such as Lizzo, Rihanna, The Weeknd and SZA, and multiple songs penned for major motion pictures. Across 12 deeply personal tracks, the group crafts an intricate portrait of their hometown Ithaca’s most mundane aspects and the community that shaped them.

Late night listeners will hear these songs: