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Song: Not Strong Enough
Artist: boygenius
Album: the record
Release: March 2023
American indie rock supergroup featuring Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus have announced they are releasing their debut studio album The Record at the end of this month. The group came together by accident according to Phoebe Bridgers. Each of the members were fans of each other’s work and became friends. The three became close, and they shared frustration at constantly being compared to each other as “women in rock” despite their considerably different musical styles.


Song: For My Soul
Artist: Josh Ritter
Album: Spectral Lines
Release: March 2023
Renowned singer, songwriter, musician, artist and best-selling author Josh Ritter will release his anticipated new 11th album, Spectral Lines, April 28. His new album finds Josh expanding beyond the bounds of his previous work to create a record both atmospheric and profound. Dedicated to the memory of his mother, Josh searches for commonality by exploring life’s most universal ideas — love, devotion and what it means to be connected, to both each other and to ourselves.


Song: Living In A Haze
Artist: Milky Chance
Album: Living In A Haze
Release: March 2023
Milky Chance had their biggest streaming year of their career in 2022, with 1.2 billion streams worldwide, and are planning their biggest North American Tour to date is this summer. Of their new song “Living in a Haze,” the band says, “Sometimes you lose track of what’s important, live day by day distracted and don’t really know how to get out of it. At the same time, it seems like everybody around you does not feel that way, life looks so easy when they do it and a desire builds up to have it just like that. So this one‘s for all who wanna be able to dance the pain away.” Their new album Living In a Haze will be out June 9.


Song: Good News
Artist: Bakar
Release: Feb 2023
From North London, here’s new music from British singer-songwriter Bakar. He has described his music as “schizophrenic,” and said that he attempts to “bridge the gap” between different music genres. Critics have described his style of music as a “melting pot of indie, rap, rock, and punk.” He started releasing songs in 2017, and his first full-length studio album Nobody’s Home one year ago. He’s going out on the road this summer to promote new music, and will be performing at Coachella next month.


Song: Love Is The Way
Artist: Thee Sacred Souls
Release: 2022
Here’s the young soul band born out of the San Diego retro soul scene. They released their self-titled debut album in August to raves. They have been a must-see band on tour, with sell-out shows in NYC, LA, the UK and Europe. Their new song, “Love is the Way,” finds lead singer Josh Lane exploring love’s many stages with a sweet, soaring falsetto that has audiences swooning. Josh says, “Love has no limits and it has no name, it has no gender and it has no creed. Love is the way. Whether it’s romantic love or love for your neighbor, it’s all love.”


Song: Just Like That
Artist: Bonnie Raitt
Album: Just Like That…
Release: 2022
SONG OF THE YEAR at this year’s Grammys! Bonnie says, “I’ve been so deeply moved, often to tears, reading the personal stories of hundreds, some of whom have had no familiarity with me or my music before I won that GRAMMY. The story behind the song is this: A few years ago I saw a segment on the evening TV news where they followed a woman who was meeting the man who had received her son’s heart for the first time. It was very emotional, but when he invited her to put her head on his chest and listen to her son’s heart, I just lost it. I knew that I wanted to write my own story. I wrote about a fictional woman, Olivia Zand, torn by grief and guilt at the loss of her young son, who finds redemption and grace through the loving act of another.